DCG Enjoys Successful ADEA Annual Session

DCG Faculty recently attended the American Dental Education Association‘s (ADEA) annual conference in New Orleans.

Over four days, faculty, staff and students presented original educational sessions, honored colleagues, implemented new ideas, attended educational and inspirational seminars, consulted with experts in and outside of academic dentistry and met with industry representatives about the latest technologies and solutions in oral health.

Representing The DCG at the conference were faculty members Dr. Kim Capehart, Interim Associate Dean for Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Advanced Education; Dr. Kevin Frazier, Vice Dean; Dr. Alan Furness, Associate Dean for Patient Services; Dr. Greg Griffin (DMD, ’98) Associate Dean for Student Affairs; Dr. Barry Hammond, Professor in the Department of General Dentistry and The DCG’s delegate to the American Dental Education Association’s (ADEA) Council of Faculties; Dr. Rhoda Sword (DMD, ’03), Professor in the Department of Restorative Sciences and Academic Dental Careers Fellowship Program (ADCFP) Liaison; and Dr. Nancy Young (DMD,’06), DCG Dean.

Griffin and Young co-presented the educational conference session, “Building Clinic Preparedness: Developing Time Management Skills in a Simulated Environment,” along with colleagues from other institutions. Their presentation gave insights on how a structured simulation exercise in restorative dentistry can be designed to teach time management skills to students entering the clinic.

Frazier co-presented the inaugural ADEA PRIDE Section Service and Leadership Award for advocacy, as creator and past-chair of the committee. He also celebrated the implementation of the ADEA Faculty Microcredential Program topic that he co-wrote with colleagues from other institutions.

Stephanie Perry, Director of DCG Student Admissions, also represented the college to share insights about the recruiting and admissions process.

Several DCG students represented their work and the college in the educational poster sessions.

ADCFP Scholars had work selected for the poster session: William Gladden, Class of 2027, gave attendees a look at “Quality Assurance: The Most Common Reasons for Rejection;” Allison Hay, Class of 2025, asked, “Should Gap Years Be Considered as a Noncognitive Predictor for Dental School Admissions?” And Luke Whetstone, Class of 2027, presented, “Navigating the Grading System Landscape in U.S. Dental Education.”

In addition, DCG students Aliyah Hill, Class of 2026, and Breanna McIntosh, Class of 2026, attended as part of the ADEA Student Diversity Leadership Program.

Conference attendance requires enthusiasm, professionalism, time and financial investments, and we are grateful to everyone who attended ADEA this year and ensured that The DCG continues to impress our colleagues in the field. Congratulations, everyone!

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Stacey Hudson

Stacey Hudson is communications coordinator for the Dental College of Georgia.

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