Orthodontics Residents Represent DCG at GAO Meeting

The DCG’s Department of Orthodontics had a successful showing at the Georgia Association of Orthodontists (GAO) meeting held Feb. 23-24, at the Ritz-Carlton Reynolds, Lake Oconee, in Greensboro, Georgia.

Speakers included Dr. Willy Dayan, from the University of Toronto; Dr. Rozheh Babaan, clinical instructor at the UCLA School of Dentistry; and Dr. Jerry Teplitz, an attorney for the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency who has authored six books and conducts seminars in the areas of stress management, employee productivity and sales development.

The GAO’s goal is to advance the art and science of orthodontics, contribute to public dental health and represent orthodontics in Georgia to the public, the state dental association, the legislature and other governmental and industry organizations.

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Stacey Hudson

Stacey Hudson is communications coordinator for the Dental College of Georgia.

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