Army Cyber Command Major inspires students to make meaningful contributions

U.S. Army Cyber Command Capability Requirements Lead Maj. Julianna Rodriguez was the School of Computer and Cyber Sciences (SCCS) featured guest speaker on March 13 at the Georgia Cyber Center during the latest installment of the Office of Student Life and Engagement’s “Leadership Discovery Luncheon” series.

Rodriguez’s presentation provided some valuable takeaways on how to make meaningful contributions. Rodriguez has made a very meaningful contribution of her own to the SCCS, helping staff start a Girls Who Code chapter in an effort to fulfill the need of exciting more girls about pursuing technology-related fields.

A few recommendations Rodriguez passed along regarding how to make meaningful contributions:

  1. DO, don’t just talk about doing something: If I have a great idea and don’t document, act upon or share it with others, then I’m not helping anyone!
  2. Respect Others: Respect is SO important! Without respect of others = lost opportunities to work with others.
  3. Contribute constructive ideas and criticism *when appropriate*: Constructive criticism can be used effectively when given at the appropriate time.
  4. Cheer for others to succeed! Always try to find ways to encourage and cheer on others. When your team succeeds, it gives others hope!

We don’t want to give away all of Maj. Rodriguez’s talking points, because you can watch the presentation for yourself, thanks to IMP Productions! Tweet us your takeaways from this presentation: @AUG_Cyber. We’d love to hear how you plan to make a meaningful contribution, JagNation!

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