What Does a Computer and Information Systems Manager Do?

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According to a 2023 survey by PwC, 78 percent of companies have adopted cloud-based services for most or all of their business, whether for its data storage capacity, cost-saving potential or better security options. The utilization of cloud servers has become more prominent than ever, but switching to cloud services and ensuring their continued operation requires knowledge of the latest hardware and software.

Computer and information systems managers play a vital role in ensuring the proper utilization of cloud-based services and other technology that companies rely on. These professionals are critical to the success of most modern companies that rely on technology. Professionals should consider how earning an advanced degree and developing technical and leadership skills can benefit them in standing out from their peers in this field.

Computer and Information Systems Manager Job Description and Responsibilities

Computer and information system managers, or information technology (IT) managers, are responsible for researching new technology and implementing and maintaining an organization’s computer systems. They work with team leaders and executives to determine a company’s technology needs and provide recommendations for upgrading technology, implementing and maintaining security systems, and solving technical problems for the company and its employees.

As leaders of their IT department, computer and information systems managers help to supervise and oversee their company’s technicians, systems analysts, software developers and other IT professionals to ensure employees appropriately use the company’s technology. For example, they may be responsible for encrypting computers to protect them from hackers and avoid data breaches. They may also collaborate with cybersecurity teams, providing updated cloud software to a company’s cybersecurity architect.

Computer and information systems managers may be able to advance in their roles, depending on the company’s size and needs. For example, they may become a chief information officer focusing on a company’s long-term technology goals or a chief technology officer responsible for researching and implementing new technology.

Work Environment

Computer and information systems managers typically work in office environments. They regularly meet with other leads through in-person or digital conferences to discuss their IT goals and solutions. IT managers work in numerous industries, providing critical support for any company that uses computer software or hardware. For example, IT managers work for cybersecurity, health care, finance and government organizations.

Fundamental Skills for Computer and Information Systems Managers

Those looking to become computer and information systems managers must be able to advocate for new technology while explaining how to use it as part of their responsibilities. Here are a few skills that these professionals should look to develop to perform in this role more effectively:

  • Technology Knowledge: A significant portion of an IT manager’s role is researching and advocating for new technology. These managers need to be up to date on the latest technology trends, understanding where it might be helpful to implement a new type of technology and what type of solution it might offer the company.
  • Communication: IT managers regularly interact with professionals in other departments to learn what needs they have that technology might fill. They are also responsible for explaining to employees how to utilize the organization’s technology while following security protocols.
  • Leadership: As managers of the IT department, they need to direct their IT associates to perform necessary tasks through efficient delegation. They also should provide mentorship and support to their team members, such as by resolving conflicts and motivating them to excel.

Computer and Information Systems Manager Salary and Job Growth

Computer and information systems managers had a median annual salary of $164,070 as of May 2022, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The actual salary for professionals in this role can vary depending on the employer’s location, the size of the organization and the individual’s experience and education.

The job growth potential for computer and information systems managers looks positive. The BLS projects employment of computer and information systems managers will grow 15 percent between 2022 and 2032, significantly faster than the 3 percent average growth projected for all professions. The BLS attributes this growth to companies’ increasing reliance on technology and their need to continue improving their cybersecurity efforts, necessitating an ongoing upgrading and maintenance of both hardware and software by experts.

Develop Your Future Career in IT Management

Computer and information systems management is an excellent option for anyone looking for an IT career with both growth potential and the opportunity to make a considerable impact in their organization. These managers are technology leaders, and companies look to hire professionals with advanced skills and qualifications for this position. One way to stand out among the competition is to pursue an advanced education, which can showcase a broad knowledge of a range of aspects of IT, including cybersecurity.

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