Hsu Presents in Singapore on Green Tea’s Impact on Long COVID

Green Tea Leaves

Dr. Stephen HsuDr. Stephen Hsu, Professor of Oral Biology and Diagnostic Sciences at The DCG, presented a seminar at the National University of Singapore’s Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. The seminar focused on exploring whether green tea could offer a solution for Long COVID-associated neurologic symptoms.

Long COVID has been linked to chronic neurologic diseases that significantly impact patients’ quality of life and place a burden on healthcare systems. The virus clings to the central nervous system and causes inflammation that invades the nasal neuroepithelial cells, decreasing the sense of smell. Existing treatments have not proven effective.

Hsu’s research suggests that a compound called EGCG-palmitate, derived from green tea, might be a potential treatment for post-COVID neurological symptoms.

Hsu is an expert in green tea polyphenol research and the inventor of various green tea technology-derived products and medications. His inventions have targeted conditions such as dry mouth, dandruff, hair loss, cold sores and viral infections, utilizing natural ingredients.


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Alex Maltsberger
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