Junior nursing student receives International Researcher Fellowship

Headshot of Stephanie Felonta

Stephanie Felonta, a BSN student with the College of Nursing, is the recipient of the $1,000 CURS International Research Fellowship. Stephanie’s application included an essay about her research, Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) Comparison Between Scotland and Georgia. Her journey in the field of nursing began with a strong desire to improve healthcare outcomes through evidence-based-practices. While furthering her education, she became increasingly drawn to the world of nursing research, recognizing its potential to drive positive change in patient care, education, and public health improvement. This interest fueled her determination to participate in the field of nursing research, prompting her collaboration with Dr. Elizabeth NeSmith and Dr. Thomas Joshua to initiate her current research. She is excited about the future opportunities and outcomes of her work and remains dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and discovery in nursing research.

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