Spring 2020 Online Student Medical Illustration Exhibition

The students in the Medical Illustration Graduate Program create visual solutions for complex health science communications problems. The target problem might involve helping to improve test scores among health science students, or better educating surgical residents about a novel procedure. The problem might also be how best to communicate a unique new concept to biomedical researchers, or how to help patients who need to better understand a complicated medical procedure. The solutions these talented artist-scientists create may include traditional or digital media, and range from 2D illustration to 3D animation. In addition, the students need to understand the science behind the imagery. Our students come from across the US and around the world. They have a wide variety of backgrounds and varied academic experiences. They might be fine artists who are curious about how the human body works or pediatricians who have a gift for drawing and painting. All of our students share a fascination with science, a talent for art, and a desire to serve others through their incredible artwork.

Each Spring, our students select two of their finest artworks for exhibition. Usually, the artwork would be premiered in the annual Student Scientific & Medical Illustration Exhibition held at the Lamar Dodd School of Art on the University of Georgia, Athens. Following this 2-week show, the exhibition moves to the Robert B. Greenblatt MD Library on the health sciences campus of Augusta University for a 6-week engagement. To cap the tour, the medical illustration portion of the exhibit moves to the Dean’s Gallery in The Graduate School, where it is on display for 7 months. But this is not a typical year—presented here for the first time are the curated works of the Class of 2020 and the Class of 2021.

Class of 2020

  • Benjamin Brown
  • Anna DeMario
  • Weston DeWolff
  • Keri Jones
  • Amanda Manowski
  • Ryan Reed
  • Victoria Rogers
  • Katharine Thompson
  • Megan Ward

Class of 2021

  • Madison Christian
  • Mason Goth
  • Anekay Kelly
  • Andrea Lacy
  • Linden Pederson
  • Maxwell Perim
  • Kristin Piciacchia
  • Jordan Thornton
  • AnnElizabeth White
About Medical Illustration

The Medical Illustration Graduate Program within the College of Allied Health Sciences at Augusta University is one of only three such programs in the country.

Completion of the twenty-one-month curriculum in Medical Illustration results in a Master of Science in Medical Illustration degree granted through The Graduate School. Augusta University is part of the University System of Georgia

The program emphasizes anatomical and surgical illustration for print and electronic publication, as well as for projection and broadcast distribution. Because of the importance of good drawing skills, our students learn a variety of traditional illustration techniques during the first year. Computer technologies and digital techniques used to prepare both vector and raster images for print, projection, animation, and multimedia are also extensively integrated into the curriculum. In addition to being skilled artists, medical illustrators must be knowledgeable in anatomy and the health sciences. Our students study communication theory and illustration techniques, and take graduate-level science courses, such as gross anatomy and cell biology, with the medical students.

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About the David J. Mascaro Teaching Gallery

Through the years, David J. Mascaro collected many outstanding and unique works of art by some of the best artists in both medical and commercial illustration. Max Brödel, Elizabeth Brödel, Gerald Hodge, Bob Demarest, Keith Kasnot, Rebekah Dodson, Russell Drake, Tom Jones, Stephen Gilbert, John Karapelou, Arthur Lidov, Paul Peck, Elizabeth Roselius, Will Sheperd and Bill Westwood are but a few of the artists represented in the collection. David collected not to indulge some personal whim, but to better share with his students his deep appreciation and respect for the craft of illustration.

A gallery that educates, inspires, and motivates—what better learning environment can we provide for the future of our profession? It became our aim to build upon David’s core collection and establish a permanent teaching gallery. In the spring of 2000, the program began a campaign to acquire original artworks from our alumni, the hundreds of talented and dedicated professionals who have earned degrees in medical illustration from our university. This teaching gallery serves our students, faculty, and alumni as an essential educational resource, a wellspring of inspiration, and a challenge to always strive for excellence.

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Robert B. Greenblatt Library

For the past several years, the Robert B. Greenblatt, MD Library has been privileged to host the annual University of Georgia and Augusta University Student Scientific & Medical Illustration Exhibition. This exhibition featured the scientific illustrations by UGA undergraduates as well as illustrations created by students in the Augusta University Medical Illustration Graduate Program in the College of Allied Health Sciences. The UGA students’ scientific illustrations detailed and clarified the natural world. The meticulous medical illustrations by the Augusta University students informed and enlightened viewers about the human body in health and disease.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the Greenblatt Library has been closed since March; thus this year’s on-site exhibition did not take place. However, due to the diligence of the Medical Illustration Graduate Program, an online exhibition features the artwork of the program’s graduate students. The showcased artwork includes the medium used by the students to create their illustrations and the objectives of each piece. An additional highlight of the online exhibition, in comparison to past on-site exhibitions at the Greenblatt Library, is information about each graduate student artist. Please take time to view and enjoy this year’s online stage of the Student Medical Illustration Exhibition 2020.

The Profession of Medical Illustration

Medical illustration is truly an interdisciplinary field—a creative combination of the visual arts, the health sciences, education, and communications. Historically, its roots were fully evident by the Renaissance, as seen in the work of research anatomists and educators such as Andreas Vesalius and in the artwork of the great figurative artists such as Leonardo DaVinci. Today, medical Illustration—and biomedical communication in general—is essential for the growth and effectiveness of the healthcare system in the United States. Medical illustrators and their work impact and enhance:

  • Health Science Education
  • Patient Education
  • Health Science Research
  • Clinical Practice
  • Public Health Information

“Medical illustrators watch what’s never been done, draw what’s never been seen, and tell thousands about it without saying a word.”

—Slogan of the Association of Medical Illustrators

The Medical Illustration Graduate Program

The MIGP at Augusta University (AU) is unique. It is the oldest graduate program at AU, and is the oldest existing graduate program of its kind in the world It has a well-earned reputation as the premier training center for visual communications in the health sciences in the southeast.

MIGP features a synergistic multidisciplinary curriculum—students take courses in the medical sciences as well as in communications and graphic arts. The course of study focuses on conceptualization, planning, design, production, implementation and evaluation of visual solutions for complex communication and education problems in the life and health sciences. These visual solutions incorporate a variety of media—from static imagery to 3D animation, and from instructional game modules to physiological simulation. Completion of the 21-month program results in a Master of Science in Medical Illustration (MSMI) degree. The curriculum is designed to prepare graduates to enter the profession and become Certified Medical Illustrators (CMI).

MIGP was the first graduate program to become accredited, and has been continuously accredited since 1967. It is one of only four accredited graduate programs in the world.

Thanks to a rich, comprehensive curriculum and our world-renowned faculty, our students receive national awards and honors on an annual basis. Since its inception in 1948, the department has graduated more than 400 highly accomplished professional medical illustrators. Our alumni have a history of professional success and leadership in the field.