Photo Gallery: DCG Celebrates Scholarship & Awards Ceremony

The DCG recently recognized scholarship, accomplishment and professionalism with the annual DCG Scholarship & Awards Ceremony. Augusta University Philanthropy & Alumni Engagement, The DCG and many partner organizations gifted more than $410,000 in scholarships to DCG students. This support would not be possible without the philanthropic generosity of so many DCG alumni, faculty, dental professionals, organizations and friends across our state, region and beyond, who invest in us to educate and train future dental professionals.

In addition, two dozen DCG family members were honored with award for service, scholarship, research and more. Omicron Kappa Upsilon (OKU) honored students and alumni with their recognition awards, including the OKU Senior Scholarship Award OKU Professionalism Award, the Judson C. Hickey-OKU Research Award, the Sophomore Scholarship Award and the William S. Kramer Award. The American Student Dental Association (ASDA) presented the ASDA Advocate Award and the Pierre Fauchard Academy honored students with awards for scholarship and research.

Finally, The DCG family honored its military service members who serve both our nation and their communities to protect the public health. Several students were awarded prestigious placements and financial assistance.

Several students earned multiple scholarships or awards, for their academic excellence, leadership, service, or other areas of excellence. William Cao, John Senat, Emily Summers and Cathy Tran earned three awards each; and Dionne Aikhionbare, Madeline Drummond, Joanna M. Foley, Kansington C. Gloster, Robert B. Griffeth, Madelyn Herrington, Melissa A. Hewett, Hung X. Ho, Christopher Hollingsworth, Marc R. Macchiaverna, Parker Partee and Tanner Scaggs all earned two awards each.

The Dean’s Office extends its thanks to the members of the DCG Scholarship Committee: Dr. Regina Messer, Dr. Bill Bachand, Dr. Elise de Latour, Stephanie Perry, Rhonda Banks, Khalelah Mosley, Kim Thompson and Samantha Akers. This group gives their time and expertise to ensure that our scholarship recipients are thoughtfully and carefully selected.

DCG Military Honorees

  • Forest Collins, U.S. Army Health Professions Scholarship Program
  • Chan Young Jin, U.S. Army Health Professions Scholarship Program
  • Andrew Hogue, U.S. Army Health Professions Scholarship Program
  • Gabriel Hutcheson, Post-9/11 GI Bill
  • Elizabeth Keller, Post-9/11 GI Bill
  • Andrew Sanders, Post-9/11 GI Bill
  • Victor Zapata, Post-9/11 GI Bill
  • Kathryn Rothenhofer, Marine Gunnery Sergeant John David Fry Scholarship
  • Robert London, U.S. Navy Health Professions Scholarship Program

DCG Award Recipients by Award Name

Dental College of Georgia (DCG) Faculty Scholarship
William Cao, Madeline Drummond, Kole Fisher, Madelyn Herrington, Christopher Hollingsworth, Jeffrey Mazzola, Parker Partee, Harrison Smith, Emily Summers

Medical College of Georgia Foundation (MCGF) Underrepresented Students in Dentistry Scholarship
Oluwatomisin “Tomi” Adeogun, Breanna McIntosh

MCGF Merit Scholarship
John Corbett, Kathryn Rothenhofer, Emily Summers, Elizabeth Winders

Dr. Emile T. Fisher Memorial Scholarship
Roslyn Joseph

Stan Hopkins Scholarship
Cathy Tran

Dean Connie Drisko Memorial Scholarship
Pari Bhat

Hudson J. Powell Memorial Scholarship
Jada Erickson, Kaitlin Thrift

Dr. Jeannie Moran Scholarship Fund
Michelle Tang, Cathy Tran, Tigerwin Yang

Charlie Norwood, DDS Scholarship
Elizabeth Keller

Dr. Reyn Connelly Memorial Scholarship
John Senat

Dr. Emile T. Fisher Foundation Scholars
Jasmine Canlas, Hannah Graham, Sarah Hsu, Tariq Mohammed, Ryan O’Donnell, Clay Baker, Christian Girard, Isabella Gutierrez, Lauren Lindsey, Tanner Swords, Madeline Drummond, Madelyn Herrington, Christopher Hollingsworth, Parker Partee, Emily Summers, William Cao, Braden Clinebell, Kendall Cook, Kara Hester, Abigail Mincey

Dr. John MacNamara Scholarship
William Cao

Augusta University Foundation DCG Scholarship
Tori Neet

DCG Alumni Association Scholarship
Jeny F. Dominguez Castillo, Trenton B. Fowler

Dr. Jackie Weatherred Memorial Scholarship
Logan A. Cumbaa

Southwest District Dental Society Scholarship
Alexis L. Willis

Eastern District Dental Society Scholarship
Lauren N. Burgess

Alliance of the Georgia Dental Association
Thomas B. Marchman

Hanes Family Scholarship
Dionne Aikhionbare

Dr. John Freihaut & Dr. Janine Bethea Scholarship
Isabella Batallas

Drs. Hugh & Anne Mazzawi Scholarship
Hung X. Ho

Southeast Dental Community Scholarship
Justin Lane

Dr. Doug Torbush Memorial Scholarship
Kansington C. Gloster

Dr. David A. Ownings Memorial Scholarship
Kristin “Mikayla” West

Dr. Dolly Hearn Memorial Scholarship
Reese King

Layman Family Service Scholarship
Ryan Bare

Dr. Patrick W. Powell Scholarship
Marc R. Macchiaverna

Dennis Youngs Scholarship
Oana Crisan

DCG Memorial Scholarship
Bowen Halverson, Sydney L. Weaver

Dr. Judson C. Hickey Memorial Scholarship
Robert B. Griffeth, Robert A. London

McRae/Orrington Scholarship
Malainha T. Mckinney, John S. Senat

Dr. R. Reppard Bennett Scholarship
Mark Willis

Dr. Don Spillers Family Scholarship
Gino A. Aparicio, Mariette Brannen, Melissa A. Hewett, Christina C. Sun

Dr. George & Betty Schuster Scholarship
Cathy Tran

Atlanta Dental David P Blackshear Endowment
Austin Doyle

Candler County Hospital Physicians Scholarship
Anna Sanders

Simon Eisenberg Scholarship
Teresa N. Cerchiara

Dr. & Mrs. William Jopling DCG Scholarship
Tanner Scaggs

DCG 50th Anniversary Scholarship
Omar Ahmed

Dr. James B Hall III Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Robert B. Griffeth

Dr. Karyn Stockwell Scholarship
Jacob Bass

Dr. Emile T. Fisher DCG First Year Student Scholarships
Hanan Dirirsa, Kellen “Brooks” Norton, Madison O’Hara, Anna Claire Parviainen, Walter Stewart

Dr. Rico D. Short Scholarship
Betelhem B. Lonse

Akbar Family Scholarship Endowment
Miles E. Woodard

Christian Callejas Montealegre Scholarship
Evan V. Boland

Dr. Debra Gray King Scholarship
Sarah C. Austin

Dr. Zachary Powell Scholarship
Luis A. Meza Contreras

Ambrose Family Scholarship
Mureed Hamdani

Bertha S. Galin Scholarship
Minseung Kim

Howard Jones Scholarship
Awaz Yaseen

Dr. Fred Hedrick Scholarship
Keyanna Ennis

Pam & Dale Crail Scholarship
Angela M. Hulse

Grover C. Hunter Scholarship
Doha Akid, Xuan Y. Tran, Caroline E. Slocum, David T. Watson

Jessie Kate and Dr. Vincent Carey Scholarship
Hung X. Ho

Pierre Fauchard Academy
Dionne Aikhionbare

Annette Rainge Scholarship
Kansington C. Gloster, John S. Senat

Dr. George W. Burnett, DDS, PhD Scholarship
Kyle Manross

Dr. Gerald & Beatrice Loft Scholarship
Joanna M. Foley

Class of 1973 Scholarship
Joanna M. Foley

A.D. & Jerlene Elliott Scholarship
Juliann H. Marmal

Class of 1998 Scholarship
Gracelyn M. Jones

Drs. Adam & Steve Goldberg Scholarship
Keith Thompson II

Second Career Commitment to Others
Marc R. Macchiaverna

Class of 1997/Dr. Van Haywood Scholarship
Tanner Scaggs

Fisher Foundation Student Samaritan
Melissa A. Hewett

Senior Oral Surgery Scholarship
Tyler Day

Thomas P. Hinman Dental Society Scholars

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