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Mary S. Byrd Gallery of Art announces C.Flux.Sing

A native of Laurelton, New York, Craig “Flux” Singleton has made Atlanta his home for more than a decade. Flux’s recognition within Atlanta continues to rise as the city embraces the breadth and depth of the city’s art scene, including Flux’s vibrant palette and rhythmic imagery that tell the ‘true story’ of the Black experience.

Trained as a graphic designer, illustrator and painter, Flux participates in fine art exhibitions and accepts corporate commissions such as Boost Mobile, 1 Scion, New Balance, and the Shaffer MacCartney building on the campus of the Georgia Cyber Center in Augusta, GA. His evolving style is inspired by abstract images, comic books and strips, graffiti, surrealism, urban decay, other graphic designers, and people.

C.Flux.Sing will present to Senior Graphic Design students on Thursday, August 28th. Through this presentation, the students who are a part of professor Kessle Silva’s professional practices class will discover different pathways for practicing the skills they have learned with professor Silva.

A digital broadcast of the presentation will be made available for the public with updates made to the social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @marybyrdgallery.

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