Say Goodbye to Outdated Catalog Links! New Permalink Feature Streamlines Program Catalog Access

Navigating the ever-changing landscape of programs and course offerings can be a frustrating experience for students and faculty alike. Broken links leading to outdated details are a common obstacle, leaving everyone scrambling to find the latest information. But fear not! The new catalog permalink feature ensures that a program’s catalog link is always updated.

What are permalinks?

Permalinks are unique, unchanging URLs that serve as permanent doorways to specific course pages within the catalog, regardless of when the catalog itself is updated. This means you can bookmark, share, and reference individual programs with confidence, knowing they’ll always lead to the most current information, even after new catalogs are published.

The standard catalog link for the Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience is: The new permalink for this program is:

How does it work?

Each program in the catalog now has a distinct permalink associated with it. This link remains consistent even when a new edition of the catalog is published. Simply find click the “Permalink” button alongside the program name to copy the URL. That’s it! Now you can share this link with students, advisors, your website audience or anyone interested in a specific program, without worrying about broken or outdated links in the future.

Program Permalinks

Benefits galore!

This innovative feature offers a myriad of advantages:

  • Enhanced Accessibility: No more frustration with outdated links! Permalinks ensure everyone has access to current program information, anytime, anywhere.
  • Streamlined Communication: Share specific program details easily with peers, advisors, or potential applicants using reliable, persistent links.
  • Improved Planning: Confidently bookmark and reference future programs using permalinks for smooth academic planning.
  • Reduced Redundancy: Eliminate the need to update countless links on departmental websites or documents each time a new catalog is released.

Permalinks mark a significant step towards a more user-friendly and dynamic course catalog. By removing the barrier of outdated catalog links, we empower students, faculty, and everyone involved in the learning process to access and share program information seamlessly.

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