Schoenbaum Discusses Clinical Advantages in Research and Material Selection

A recent podcast episode of the Academy of Osseointegration featured a discussion on material selection and design for dental implants. Dr. Todd Schoenbaum, Director of Clinical Research at The DCG, highlighted the importance of research in clinical decision making and revealed a new grant to develop a clinical research program at his college. The episode also addressed the need for realistic expectations for dental implants, as they may eventually require revision.

Click here to enjoy the episode.

Schoenbaum previously appeared on the Dental Digest podcast with host Dr. Melissa Seibert. He appeared in Episode 214 and Episode 215, discussing implant prosthodontics. Dental Digest is a podcast by a dentist for dentists, and is recommended by organizations including ADA News.

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Stacey Hudson

Stacey Hudson is communications coordinator for the Dental College of Georgia.

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