Student Ambassador: Hannah Youngblood

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Hannah Youngblood
Program: PhD In Cellular Biology & Anatomy
Hometown: Whiteburg, GA
Mentor: Yutao Liu, PhD
Area of Research: The role of sterol signaling in trabecular meshwork cell regulation of intraocular pressure in glaucoma and the response of these cells to mechanical stretch

Favorite AU memory:

There are too many good memories to pick just one! Attending my first international conference was definitely a high point. It was a great opportunity to meet and learn from experts in my field and get their feedback on my research. Many of my favorite AU memories have been centered around learning more about the diverse cultural background of my  fellow students and lab member. As a result, I’ve been exposed to a variety of cuisines, holidays, and cultural traditions that I otherwise could have only encountered by years of traveling.

Selected Accomplishments:

I currently have three first-authored publications, presented my work during a poster presentation at the 2019 International Society for Eye Research/BrightFocus Glaucoma Symposium, and recently received an NIH/NEI F31 fellowship.


From writing poetry to playing guitar to DIY-ing my own clothes and household decor; I love doing creative activities. When I’m not busy with my next craft project, I’m enjoying the creative works of others whether it be by attending a musical performance, going to a theatre production, visiting an art gallery, or just reading a good book. But, my favorite creative activity is enjoying the masterpiece of nature while hiking and kayaking around Georgia.

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