The 2022 Dental College of Georgia Raft Debate at the J. Harold Harrison, M.D. Education Commons on the Health Sciences campus Friday evening February 10, 2022. 2/10/22 7:10:54 PM Photo by Michael Holahan/Augusta University Job #

DCG Hosts Inaugural Raft Debate

The DCG hosted the inaugural Raft Debate on Thursday, Feb. 10, sponsored by Komet and coordinated by the DCG Office of Student Affairs and AU Alumni Engagement. The event, a balance between lecture and stand-up comedy, pitted three specialists and a devil’s advocate against one another to answer the question of which dental professional should be saved from a deserted island for the sake of humanity. Based on the volume of applause, the audience chooses the sole survivor as the professors cajole, plead, pontificate, and shamelessly resort to the use of props and costumes to influence the audience.

This year’s debate was moderated by Dr. Kevin Frazier, Vice Dean, and featured Dr. Carol Lefebvre, Dean, as the devil’s advocate. Dr. Alan Furness, Assistant Dean of Patient Services, argued for Advanced Education in General Dentistry. Dr. Bruce Riggs, Associate Professor, argued for Pediatric Dentistry. And Dr. Brian Sellers (DMD, ’15), argued for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. In the end, the audience chose Sellers to be saved – congratulations to Dr. Sellers on his rescue!

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Stacey Hudson

Stacey Hudson is communications coordinator for the Dental College of Georgia.

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