DCG Launches Dispensary, Central Supply and Sterilization Day

There is no national day of recognition for the employees in The Dental College of Georgia’s Dispensary, Central Supply, or Sterilization departments, so we made one up! On March 7, The DCG celebrated these quiet heroes behind the scenes who keep The DCG running smoothly, one sterilized instrument and perfectly stocked drawer at a time.

Their dedication goes far beyond maintaining a sparkling inventory. They are the guardians of patient confidentiality, the resourceful technicians making minor equipment repairs, and the supply wizards who magically anticipate our needs. They’re the backbone of our clinical and pre-clinical activities, offering students, faculty and residents the tools they need to excel. They are the meticulous list-checkers fueling our dental dream machine!

Thanks to their expertise with the inventory control system, we’re running a well-oiled machine – and let’s not forget their mastery of charge slips, ensuring everything stays wonderfully transparent. Their commitment to keeping our storage rooms organized deserves recognition. By meticulously maintaining order, they streamline the process of ordering supplies, ultimately supporting the best possible care for our patients.

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Stacey Hudson

Stacey Hudson is communications coordinator for the Dental College of Georgia.

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