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Dr. Victoria Franz Graduated With Doctor of Nursing Practice Alongside her daugther,Nadia.

Written by Kristen Swindells

Dr. Victoria Franz graduated on Friday with her Doctor of Nursing practice alongside her daughter, Nadia, who graduated with her Master of Science in Nursing Anesthesia.When Nadia Franz started the Nursing Anesthesia program in August, 2015 she never anticipated graduating with her mother just two and a half years later.

During the time Nadia was here at Augusta University for her undergraduate work, she consistently heard reference to being “Victoria’s daughter” and what a good student Victoria was. Although they never took classes together, once Victoria started taking classes for her 4thdegree at Augusta University, she began to hear similar words regarding her daughter, “You’re Nadia’s Mom, shewas such a good student!” When asked what they enjoyed about going to school together Nadia said, “My mom has always been someone I look up to and a role model for me, so to see her accomplishing it with me, it’s kind of cool. It makes me feel good because I really respect my mother and to see that she’s struggling in some of her classes, I’m like oh okay, yeah, this is normal, I’m struggling too.”

Nadia and her mother Victoria really enjoy the work they do as nurses and find it rewarding. Victoria said her favorite thing about nursing is, “If someone is doing something that requires a lot of physical strength when they’re younger, as they mature they can still do nursing. They are able to grow their education and can branch their career. There’s so many things they can do in nursing that it’s not a field where you get bored or tired.”

Congratulations and best of luck Victoria, Nadia and all of those who graduated on Friday, as you continue to flourish in your careers with your degrees from Augusta University.

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