Geci-Black, ’93, publishes memoir about experience in medical cannabis industry

Dr. Michael Geci-Black, a 1993 graduate and former emergency medicine physician in Montana, who is now in private practice, has published Pot Doc: A Physician’s Search for the Holy Grail of Medical Marijuana. The book is about his experience in the medical cannabis industry while running an integrative clinic in Bozeman, Montana.

Pot Doc details Geci’s journey through the murky world of medical marijuana during the infancy of Montana’s marijuana boom in 2009 and its improbable and bizarre implosion just a few years later. Join him as he develops a relationship with the most remarkable and misunderstood plant on the planet – witnessing many of its wonderful attributes and cringing at some of the darker energies associated with the plant.

Pot Doc draws clear distinctions between medical marijuana and recreational pot, highlighting the fascinating science surrounding the Cannabis plant, along its medical applications and contraindications.

Pot Doc questions the United States’ absurd and antiquated policies toward marijuana and its cousin, hemp, and advocates for patients’ rights to use natural medicine without the fear of legal reprisal.

Read more about the book at

Or read Geci’s undergraduate alma mater, Nebraska Wesleyan University’s, review here. 

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