Medical Illustration Class of 2024 White Coat Ceremony

Class of 2024 in their white coats.
Students from left to right: Rylee Noe, Alicia Berry, McKenzie Young, Hiroko Tanaka, Samuel Strecker (Back), Mia Nickell (front), Tatiana Liu, Joseph Pulsoni (Back), Rachel Laird

We are delighted to share that our Class of 2024 Medical Illustration Graduate Program recently marked a significant milestone with their White Coat Ceremony, held on October 21. This event marked the successful conclusion of their first academic year and the commencement of their research projects.

Photo of Dean Lester Pretlow speaking in front of a lectern.
Dean Lester Pretlow provides the welcome.

Dean of the College of Allied Health Sciences, Lester Pretlow, warmly welcomed the family and friends at the White Coat Ceremony. He spoke eloquently about the symbolism of the white coat, emphasizing its significance as a representation of professionalism, dedication, and the pursuit of excellence in allied health sciences. ┬áThe White Coat Ceremony is more than just a ritual; it’s a testament to the commitment of these students to rigorous scientific inquiry and ethical conduct. With their coats on, they embark on a journey into the world of medical illustration, ready to contribute to the field by illuminating science in a visually captivating manner.

Medical illustrators play a crucial role in translating complex scientific concepts into accessible visuals, making it easier for professionals and the public to understand and appreciate the wonders of science and medicine. Medical Illustrators are responsible for using their talent for the greater good, ensuring that their work upholds the highest standards of integrity and accuracy. Their art has the power to educate, inform, and inspire, ultimately contributing to advancements in healthcare and science.

Keynote speaker, Elizabeth McDonald speaks about her career as a medical animator.
Keynote speaker, Elizabeth McDonald speaks about her career as a medical animator.

As a particular highlight of the ceremony, guest speaker Elizabeth McDonald, a 2010 graduate of the program and a multiple award-winning medical animator, shared her inspiring professional journey. Elizabeth is the Medical Art Director at Red Nucleus, leading a team of talented artists in creating medical animations. Her career path exemplifies the potential and opportunities that await the Class of 2024. Her insights into the field of medical animation and the impact of visual communication in healthcare serve as a source of inspiration for the class of 2024 and their friends and families present.

This event is a reminder of the remarkable achievements and potential of the Class of 2024. We eagerly anticipate the innovative ideas and discoveries that will emerge from their research projects as they use their artistic talents to contribute to the betterment of biomedical communications. Congratulations to these students as they begin this exciting chapter in their academic careers, dedicated to using art for good and with unwavering integrity.



The Class of 2024 and faculty in their white coats.
From left to right: Amanda Behr, Hiroko Tanaka, McKenzie Young, Mia Nickell, Joseph Pulsoni, Rachel Laird, Samuel Strecker, Tatiana Liu, Rylee Noe, Alicia Berry, Joe Samson, Mike Jensen
Elizabeth McDonald speaking about her work in animation.
Keynote speaker, Elizabeth McDonald speaks about her career as a medical animator.
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