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Student Ambassador: Angie Lee

angie lee
Nutrtion students working together

Yeo Jin “Angie” Lee

Degree: Master of Science in Allied Health with a Concentration in Nutrition
Dalton, GA
Advisor: Judith Anglin, PhD, RDN, LD, FAND 
Capstone Project: Assessing the Nutritional Status of Living Kidney Donors Post-Transplant

Why did you choose the Nutrition program? 

I decided to pursue my MS in Nutrition because I wanted to further my education more than the standard Bachelor degree. The healthcare profession continues to grow and the expectations for healthcare professionals are advancing at a fast pace. Achieving above the entry-level degree will allow me to show that I am knowledgeable, research-based, and can demonstrate high skills in my area of expertise.  


My passion is to relay the message to the public that nutrition plays a critical role on a person’s health. There are multiple outlets for people to find “nutrition advice” and many may be advertising false claims without evidenced-based research. Dietitians are qualified nutrition expert who can provide evidenced-based nutrition information to help nourish one’s body for optimal health. My passion is to educate individuals to understand what is good nutrition and allow them to have the self-efficacy to continue with a positive, healthy dietary habits to meet their individual needs.

Favorite AU Memory: 

My favorite AU memory would have to be the time I volunteered with two other MS-DI students, Chelsea Cotugno and McKinsey Trent, during National Nutrition Month for our “Sugar High” game and body composition analysis booth. McKinsey and our other friend Emsley Jones created a beautiful display of test tubes with varying amounts of sugar for our “Sugar High” game where participants would pick a food or drink item on display and then would roll the dice to see if that item had more or less than that amount of sugar.

It was so rewarding to see how engaged the people were and how they actually wanted to be informed about added sugars in their food and beverages. The bioelectrical impedance for body composition analysis was a huge hit at the health fair we had our booth. People who visited our booth referred other people to come to our booth to play our game and to assess their body composition. The whole experience made it worthwhile and encouraged me to continue on with my education to excite more people about nutrition and their health. 

Activites & Hobbies:

I enjoy taking pictures, learning about photography, and editing pictures as well exploring a new part of town, shops, restaurants, and trails. I’m also an avid Pinterest user so I try to find my next craft idea or a new recipe to test out whenever I have free time. I am also currently the Vice President of the Student Nutrition Allied Health Club (SNAHC) which is a student-run nutrition club that promotes public health and nutrition in the community and school-related events.

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