Noon Arts Series Features DCG Performers

The Oblique Ridge Bluegrass Band performing.

The Oblique Ridge Bluegrass Band performing.The Oblique Ridge Bluegrass Band, a musical group comprised of rotating members of the DCG family, were among those to perform at the Noon Arts: Live at the Lee talent show on Feb. 14. Members of the band have included students, residents and faculty over the years, and currently includes Dr. Greg Griffin, Assistant Professor in the Department of General Dentistry, on guitar and vocals; Dr. Van Haywood, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Restorative Sciences, on bass; Missy Hewett, Class of 2025, on vocals; Reese King, Class of 2024, on violin/fiddle and vocals; Min Lim, Class of 2025, on flute; and Dr. Rod Mackert, Professor in the Department of Restorative Sciences, on mandolin. The name of the band, Oblique Ridge Bluegrass Band, is a pun combining the tradition of country and bluegrass bands drawing nomenclature from Appalachian topography, and also referring to a ridge on the chewing surface of an upper molar tooth.

In addition, two DCG family members won prizes at the performance: Lewis Luke, ‪Senior Dental Biomedical Engineering Technician, won a dozen roses; and Tristen Bennett, Class of 2025, won a box of Valentine’s Day chocolates. Dr. Kevin Frazier, DCG Vice Dean was the master of ceremonies for this event that is sponsored by the AU Arts Council.

Click here to enjoy video of the entire Noon Arts performance.

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