Dental College of Georgia Hosts Annual Research Symposium

The Dental College of Georgia hosted the 34th annual Southeastern Regional Dental Research Symposium (SRDR) on April 17, organized by The DCG Office of Research. See photo gallery below. 

The event is the annual research expo that the DCG hosts to promote scientific research and innovative clinical care with a focus on current practices and projects being conducted at The DCG. Students, residents, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty, pre-doctoral dental and dental hygiene students are welcomed each year to display a summary of their research progress and have discussions with peers and faculty about their work and its impact. One speaker is invited to give the annual David Pashley Lecture, and the event culminates in a recognition ceremony, awarding researchers for the best work.

Dr. Richard B. Price, Professor in the Department of Dental Clinical Sciences at the Dalhousie University School of Biomedical Engineering, gave the Pashley address. Dozens of DCG student, residents and more presented their research progress.

And the winners were…

Dental Hygiene

  • 1st Place: Dharti Patel and Melissa Flood for “The Use of Phage Therapy in Reduction of Oral Cavity Bacteria”
  • 2nd Place: Margareth Rivas and Danila Dokuchayev for “Effectiveness of Non-Pharmacological Treatments in Decreasing Tourette Syndrome Symptoms”
  • 3rd Place: Courtney Morrow and Hannah Grach for “The Use of Micro-needling with Therapeutic Agents for Tissue and Gingival Regeneration”

Undergraduate Original Research

  • 1st Place: Cathy Tran for “Engineered Small Extra-Cellular Vesicles for Endogenous Mesenchymal Stem Cells Recruitment and in situ Periodontal Tissue Regeneration”
  • 2nd Place: Tigerwin Yang for “Exosomes Derived from Gingival Tissues of Periodontitis Patients Cross Human BBB and Compromise its Barrier Function in an In-Vitro 3D Model”
  • 3rd Place: Kyle Harris for “Role of EPS8 Phosphorylation by BRK in HNSCC”

Graduate Original Research

  • 1st Place: Harshit Singhania for “Src Phosphorylation of EPS8 Regulates SOX2 Expression in HNSCC”
  • 2nd Place: Han Kim for “Predictors of standardized in-service examination performance and residency outcomes in a graduate periodonts program”
  • 3rd Place: Bidhan Bhandari for “Innate Lymphoid Cells as the Immune Maestro in Tongue Tumor”

Literature Review

1st Place: Jess Anderson for “Delayed Diagnosis of Multi Suture Craniosynostosis: A Literature Review”

Case Report

  • 1st Place: Elizabeth Floodeen for “Bilateral Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Ankylosis in a 24-year-old Male with Epilepsy”
  • 2nd Place: Alan George for “Blood Collection for Autologous Blood-Derived Product Preparation: Technique & Application”
  • 3rd Place: Thomas Shepherd for “Temporization of Removeable Prosthesis Utilizing Essix Appliance a Case Report”

Robert B. Greenblatt, M.D. Library Literature Review Award

Matthew Zhang

Robert B. Greenblatt, M.D. Library Research Poster Award

Chelsea Harris

Intramural Grants Program Faculty Grant

  • Dr. Daler Tarrazzi
  • Dr. Rafael Pacheco
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