SNDA Hosts Black History Month Trivia

Dental College of Georgia

SNDA Black History Month Trivia eventIn honor of Black History Month, the DCG chapter of the Student National Dental Association hosted a Black History Month-themed trivia contest on Feb. 22. Thirty participants competed for gift cards in a Jeopardy-style quiz game, while enjoying pizza and snacks. The event celebrated black culture and history while testing DCG students’ knowledge and enlightening observers. The question that stumped most of the participants was: “True or False: The gap between white American and Black American infant mortality rates has only improved slightly in past 50 years?” The surprising answer is: “False. The rate has gotten marginally worse since 1968, and Black babies are twice as likely to die as white babies. The only time the health gap between white Americans and Black Americans narrowed in both relative and absolute terms was after the Civil Rights victories of the ‘60s.”

The winners of the trivia contest were: Akosa Akpom (Class of 2025), D2 Representative for SNDA; Kansington Gloster (Class of 2025); Dionne Aikhionbare (Class of 2024), President of SNDA; and Aliyah Hill (Class of 2026), D1 Representative for SNDA.

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