Student Ambassador: Frazer McGilvray

Frazer MBA

Frazer McGilvray

Frazer McGilvray
Master of Business Administration
Country of Origin: 
United Kingdom
Profession:  Non-Profit Work (Conservation)


I’ve had an almost 30-year career as a marine biologist. I love the ocean and everything about it. I’m interested in how we can conserve it to ensure it thrives in the future and humans can continue to benefit from it for food, livelihoods and recreation.

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA?

I had been thinking about obtaining a MBA for about 5 years. Throughout my career I have achieved increasingly responsible roles within non-profit organizations and government, yet I didn’t have any formal management training. I learned through direct ‘on-the-job’ experience. I chose to obtain an MBA because I wanted to learn the foundational knowledge and principles of administration, finance and management. This program has allowed me to achieve that.  

What do you enjoy most about the program:

I enjoy that my cohort and professors have a diversity of backgrounds and professions represented. This has really added to the learning experience because it creates a rich dialogue between the students and professors. This allows us to see how the principles of management apply in different industries and careers.


I like to cook, fly fish on the Savannah River (AU is a great location for people who like to fish!), and walk my two big dogs in the woods.

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Frazer McGilvray
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