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Jamie MBA

Jamie Hill at board

Jamie Hill
Master of Business Administration
Seattle, WA
Profession: Project Management (Virtual Training Modules)



My Passion:

 I am passionate about program and project management because I love being a creator. I enjoy the process of starting from a concept and turning it into reality. The methodologies of program and project management provide me with a proven framework to help ensure the success of a project. In particular, the application of the Agile mindset and methodologies has completely turned some of my projects around. I can’t imagine trying to manage a tech project without it.

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA?

I love learning about program, project, and change management- understanding how different management styles and tools impact the success of a project is fascinating to me.

My passion, however, is truly helping people. I often say,” I don’t want to be a magician, I want to support them.”

I chose to pursue an MBA because I felt that a strong foundational understanding of how businesses operate will allow me to support my people better. The program at Augusta University offers me practical real-world scenarios and solutions that I can apply immediately to my career.

Why did you choose AU ? 

I earned two Bachelor degrees from Augusta University and I loved my experience here.  It was a natural decision to choose AU to pursue a graduate degree. I chose the MBA program at AU because it’s highly respected, affordable, and the local network of alumni is invaluable.


I enjoy playing cards and dominoes with my family, reading, traveling, and leather work in my spare time.  

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Jamie Hill
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