Student Ambassador: Jenna Ansley

Jenna Ansley

Jenna Ansley

Jenna Ansley
MS in Kinesiology
Hometown:Augusta, GA
Project: Our research aims to compare total beta-hydroxybutyrates (BHB) levels of blood meters to mass spectrometry.


Why did you pick this program? 

I enjoyed learning throughout my undergraduate years at Augusta University. I loved my professors and I wanted continue to the next step in my academic career. My professors encouraged me to pursue a masters degree. They were authentically interested in my success.  The faculty care and are genuine here. This is how I knew that I only wanted to pursue my graduate degree at Augusta University.

What do you like about the program? 

My mentor. She has been a great source of guidance and support. When I entered graduate school, I had very little research experience. She has been patient throughout the process by mentoring me in the research method. The biggest lesson that I have learn from her is to be kind through whatever obstacles may occur in life.  She is patient, caring, purpose driven. I am honored to be able to work alongside her through my graduate school experience.

Getting Involved:  

I am member in The Graduate School Graduate Student Council. Thus far, it has been a positive experience. It is great being apart of a council  that is actively seeking to improve the experience of graduate students at this university. I enjoy being an advocate for the graduate student experience.

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Jenna Ansley
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