The Graduate School

Student Ambassador: Marcus Allen

Marcus Allen

Marcus Allen
Master of Public Administration
Augusta, GA
Area of Interests: City Administration and policy making


Why did you choose this program? 

A life goal for me is to become a city administrator and develop sustainable, long-term policy that increases the quality of life for citizens. Addressing issues within cities through economic, social, and environmental strategies will propel communities to move forward in the coming decades. We as leaders must be conduits in building trust in our cities.This MPA provides me with the education and network to begin my pursuit of these efforts.

Mentorship Perspective:

 Dr. Hatcher has always provided wisdom and insight regarding my career trajectory and the steps I need to take to reach my desired outcomes. From words of advice to recommending books, Dr. Hatcher has been a huge influence in my professional development. His words of wisdom that have stuck with me are: “There is no one best way to create solutions in communities; rather there are an arsenal of tools that leaders can use to build stronger, more sustainable communities… Public administrators are skilled in bringing the several different components of communities together to reach common goals.”

Program perspective:

One of the experiences that solidified my choice to apply to The Graduate School was attending several information sessions during my undergraduate degree to get a better understanding of the MPA program, and how it fit my goals. The MPA is tailored for me to have the skills necessary to create positive change in the community.


I love anything outdoors. I am usually that one person kayaking on the Augusta Canal on a sunny day, or out at a golf course trying to look remotely talented at golf. My family and I also built a large ½ acre garden with 25 different varieties of organic fruits and vegetables, so I spend a lot of time harvesting my free produce.

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