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Nicole Widjaja

Nicole Widjaja
Hometown: Suwanee, GA
Program: Master of Science in Oral Biology
Mentor: Stephen Hsu, PhD
Research ProjectMy project focuses on a new antiviral candidate called Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). When utilized as a hand sanitizer, it could potentially eliminate the transmission of norovirus.

Why did you choose the MS in Oral Biology Program?  

My passionate desire is to become a dentist. I wanted to spend time doing something that would give me further insight into the dental field and expose me to new opportunities.

Why did you choose AU? 

I may not have been born in Georgia, but it has been my home for the past 19 years. If anything, I wanted to stay in-state and AU was the obvious choice for my decision. Not only was it local, but it is also the home of the only dental school in Georgia. It was my hope to be able to work in a program that is closely associated with the dental school and also be able to interact with the students/faculty to understand the rigors of the program.

Mentorship Perspective: 

Without a doubt, Dr. Hsu is been such an amazing role model during my time in the program. I initially started in the lab with little to no experience in cell biology research and Dr. Hsu has been kind and patient enough to teach me what he has learned over his years of experience. Though, what inspires me the most is his passion and perseverance towards his work, and I can only hope to apply that same dedication to my own personal endeavors.  

AU was the right choice: 

The point I realized I picked the right program was perhaps the moment I saw the fruits of my labor in my lab results. Coming into the program with little experience about cell biology was daunting but seeing results and knowing that “I did that” was such a reassuring feeling. Of course there were frustrating moments along the way, but everyone in the program, including my mentor, the director of the program and the colleagues in the lab, have been a constant source of support. It truly reaffirms my decision in choosing to come to this program at Augusta University.

Favorite AU Memory:

My favorite AU memory was being able to watch the solar eclipse on campus! There was a lot of excitement and informative events prior to the eclipse and it really helped raise my excitement. That will be something I will never forget!

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