Student Ambassador: Randy LaMons

Randy Lamons


Randy Lamons

Randy LaMons
MEd in Counselor Education
Grovetown, GA
Community Involvement: Co-founder of the Non-Profit Be the Change Foundation 



Discovering my Passion:  

“ I always knew that I wanted to be a helper. I believe that we all can play a part in building a stronger community by lending a helping hand to the next person. This is why Kenneth (Co-founder of Be the Change Foundation) and I  started the Be the Change Foundation. We wanted to be that helping hand for the next generation to achieve their dreams. It is this desire to be a helper that led me to wanting to be a counselor.”

My Helping Handing: 

“It was my brother-in-law that introduced me the idea of pursuing a career in the mental health industry. He gave me the opportunity to assist him with social work counseling. This is where I learned that I enjoyed counseling.” 

What did you choose the program  ? 

“I really wanted to work with high school students. I want to be a mentor. A person that students can come to with questions and get advice about what type or career they should choose and paths they need to take in order to achieve it. “

Why did you choose AU ?  

” I chose AU because I really connected with the professors during the interview process for acceptance into the program. There were some hoops I had to jump through, but Dr. Rausch fought hard for me. She and the other professors have proven time-after-time that they are there for my success. They believe in me and I felt that from day one. It makes me want to be the best student and future counselor I possibly can.


“My biggest hobby is exercising. I like to push myself mentally and physically to become better version of who I currently am. Overall, I enjoy playing various playing sports and learning how to play new ones. Challenging myself to do different things motivates me. I strive to learn and become more diverse.”

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Randy Lamons
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