Student Ambassador: Rodney Littlejohn

Rodney in lab

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Hometown: Marietta, GA
Program: PhD In Vascular Biology
Mentor: Huabo Su, MD, PhD
Area of Research: The role of a novel protein modifier, NEDD8, in the development and function of the heart.


What is the greatest lesson you have learned from your mentor?

Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) is a subject that is near and dear to my mentor, Dr. Su, and me.  We both share similar personal stories that revealed exactly why we want to pursue this area of research. This instilled in me a great respect for him. Dr. Su pushes me in a way that I have never been pushed before. He believes in me in a way that I often do not even believe in myself. He often tells me to work hard but balance my work and social life, so that I can be as successful as possible.

Selected Accomplishment:

NIH F31 Predoctoral Fellowship

AHA Predoctoral Fellowship (relinquished for NIH)

2017 AHA Scientific Sessions Poster Presentation

2nd Place: Young Investigator Competition


I’m a huge yogi. Yoga is my absolute favorite way to exercise, because you train both your body and your mind simultaneously. I’m also really big into horror movies and shows. Give me anything really scary and I’ll love it.

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