Artist: Benjamin M. Brown


Title: “Understanding ACE Inhibitors”
Medium: Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop, UCSF Chimera, and Maxon Cinema 4D
Objective: To visualize the mechanism of action of a hypertension drug, used by physicians for patient education.
Title: “Vasculature of the Male Pelvic Viscera”
Medium: Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop
Objective: To depict normative anatomy for medical student education.
About Medical Illustration

The Medical Illustration Graduate Program within the College of Allied Health Sciences at Augusta University is one of only three such programs in the country.

Completion of the twenty-one-month curriculum in Medical Illustration results in a Master of Science in Medical Illustration degree granted through The Graduate School. Augusta University is part of the University System of Georgia

The program emphasizes anatomical and surgical illustration for print and electronic publication, as well as for projection and broadcast distribution. Because of the importance of good drawing skills, our students learn a variety of traditional illustration techniques during the first year. Computer technologies and digital techniques used to prepare both vector and raster images for print, projection, animation, and multimedia are also extensively integrated into the curriculum. In addition to being skilled artists, medical illustrators must be knowledgeable in anatomy and the health sciences. Our students study communication theory and illustration techniques, and take graduate-level science courses, such as gross anatomy and cell biology, with the medical students.

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About the David J. Mascaro Teaching Gallery

Through the years, David J. Mascaro collected many outstanding and unique works of art by some of the best artists in both medical and commercial illustration. Max Brödel, Elizabeth Brödel, Gerald Hodge, Bob Demarest, Keith Kasnot, Rebekah Dodson, Russell Drake, Tom Jones, Stephen Gilbert, John Karapelou, Arthur Lidov, Paul Peck, Elizabeth Roselius, Will Sheperd and Bill Westwood are but a few of the artists represented in the collection. David collected not to indulge some personal whim, but to better share with his students his deep appreciation and respect for the craft of illustration.

A gallery that educates, inspires, and motivates—what better learning environment can we provide for the future of our profession? It became our aim to build upon David’s core collection and establish a permanent teaching gallery. In the spring of 2000, the program began a campaign to acquire original artworks from our alumni, the hundreds of talented and dedicated professionals who have earned degrees in medical illustration from our university. This teaching gallery serves our students, faculty, and alumni as an essential educational resource, a wellspring of inspiration, and a challenge to always strive for excellence.

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Robert B. Greenblatt Library

For the past several years, the Robert B. Greenblatt, MD Library has been privileged to host the annual University of Georgia and Augusta University Student Scientific & Medical Illustration Exhibition. This exhibition featured the scientific illustrations by UGA undergraduates as well as illustrations created by students in the Augusta University Medical Illustration Graduate Program in the College of Allied Health Sciences. The UGA students’ scientific illustrations detailed and clarified the natural world. The meticulous medical illustrations by the Augusta University students informed and enlightened viewers about the human body in health and disease.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the Greenblatt Library has been closed since March; thus this year’s on-site exhibition did not take place. However, due to the diligence of the Medical Illustration Graduate Program, an online exhibition features the artwork of the program’s graduate students. The showcased artwork includes the medium used by the students to create their illustrations and the objectives of each piece. An additional highlight of the online exhibition, in comparison to past on-site exhibitions at the Greenblatt Library, is information about each graduate student artist. Please take time to view and enjoy this year’s online stage of the Student Medical Illustration Exhibition 2020.

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Written by
Benjamin M. Brown, Class of 2020

A native Virginian, Ben graduated Hampden Sydney College with his BS in 2010, summa cum laude, with dual majors in Biology and Theatre. He also acquired three minors which included Chemistry, International Studies, and Environmental Studies. In staying true to his diverse liberal arts education, he continued to explore the world over in search of his magnus opus following undergraduate studies. This search for brought him to the Peace Corps.

Before launching to the Dominican Republic as a public health interventionist, he began work as a medical assistant with what is now OrthoVA. In his time there he worked in several specialties, including upper extremity, pain management, and sports medicine. After gaining his certification as an Orthopedic Technologist and Bracing Technician he was recruited by the certifying organization (ASOP) as a consultant and casting instructor. He also volunteered with the American Red Cross during this time and was recognized as Volunteer of the Year for the Richmond region. Additionally, he pursued an interest in film production. His crowning achievement was the feature-length film HURT, which debuted at the Byrd Theatre in 2016. His efforts have supported the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and is now part of a state-wide program called “Healing with Hurt” utilized by the Coalition for the Prevention of Every Suicide (COPES).

During his Peace Corps service, he lived in a village called Neyba nestled between the mountains and Lake Enriquillo in the Dominican Republic. His time there was spent between two groups, one focused on sexual education for pre-teens and the other on preventative health practices for young mothers. Expediently, he made a profound connection between the cultural exchange of art and its usefulness in communicating in the context of language and literacy barriers about public health. Shortly following his service, he returned to the states and enrolled in the Medical Illustration Graduate Program at Augusta University where he graduated with his MSMI in May 2020.

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